Nepali worker in Malaysia dies after being thrashed by colleagues

Phalebash (Parbat), June 1: A migrant worker from Parbat has died after being thrashed by fellow Nepali colleagues in Malaysia.

22 – year – old Kishor Chhetri of Dhamilapani village of Modi rural municipality – 5 of Parbat district died on Wednesday at the hands of other Nepali workers.

He was flogged with iron roads more than a week ago by four Nepali migrant workers causing serious injuries in his stomach. Kishor died while undergoing treatment at the Putrodaya Hospital of Malaysia, according to his relative Anmol Chhetri.

His body underwent a post – mortem examination on Thursday and it will be a week before his dead body is brought to Nepal. Chhetri is the youngest son in the family who went to Malaysia for work 20 months ago. He is unmarried. His father Bhim Bahadur Chhetri is also a migrant worker. 

His mother Devi Chhetri is in a traumatic state and the entire villagers are mourning the incident. Police have already arrested the four Nepali workers involved in beating Chhetri.


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