UML, MC announce unification

By Amarendra Yadav/
Arpana Adhikari
Kathmandu, May 18:
Leaders of the CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre formally announced the unification between the two parties by merging them into a new one, the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), on Thursday. cp
Party leader Madhav Kumar Nepal made the official announcement of the unification between the UML and Maoist Centre in the presence of KP Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, chairmen of the new party, and other leaders at the City Hall here.
On the occasion, Oli, Prachanda, Nepal, Janardan Sharma and other leaders addressed the conference amid a huge gathering both inside and outside the City Hall.
Addressing the gathering separately, Oli and Prachanda said that the unification was for fighting corruption and bringing economic prosperity and social justice in the country.
Oli said that the entire country had ushered in an era of political stability, economic prosperity and patriotism along with the unification of the two parties.
He further said that they unified the two parties to start the journey towards justice, development, good governance and prosperity.
“The two parties merged with each other to fulfill the aspirations of our senior and late leaders to make Nepal a just, prosperous and developed country,” he added.
Leaders of the two parties made the announcement of their unification only after realising the gravity, necessity and justification of the unity, he stated.
Stating that seven months back, no one had believed that the two parties would get united, Oli claimed that the new party would capture a three-fourths majority in the next elections.
On the leadership pattern of the new party, Oli said that a Tempo had one driver but a jet plane had two pilots, referring to his party as a jet plane and other remaining parties as a Tempo.
Recalling that the Communist Party, unfsortunately, started bickering soon after its birth and began splitting some 55 years ago, the Prime Minister stated that the very unification proved that the communist parties could not only split but also unite at the right time.
“The unification now will end the winter season in the communist movement. The new Communist Party of Nepal has now grabbed a majority at all three levels. It shows that Nepal has a beautiful future in the coming days,” he stated.
Urging all the members and leaders of the new party to work for nation building by giving up their ego and petty interests, Oli stated that no one could shake and topple the government at the centre and six federal governments governed by the CPN.
He further urged all the patriotic, democratic and leftist parties to participate in the mega campaign of the party unification.
Similarly, Prachanda said that the unification fulfilled the long-time desire of the elder leaders to unite all the communist parties.
“By unifying the two communist parties, we have fulfilled the commitments and promises that we made before the people during the previous elections,” he said.
He further said that the unification would not only end the continuous division among the communist parties but also stop the political instability in the country.
“This unification is against no one but for the interests of the country and people,” he stated.
Stating that the unification process was brought to a conclusion with the objective to make the country and the people happy and prosperous, Prachanda said that the unity has started the journey towards social justice and economic prosperity in the country.
He further said that all the leaders of the unified party needed to devote their remaining life and work in the service of the people, to bring social justice and prepare the ground for socialism.
“Now, we should make a vow to make a dynamic and transformed party that will sincerely work for the people at the grassroots,” said Prachanda, adding that the unification had ushered in an new era of stability, good governance and development in the country.
The two chairmen also issued a six-point joint statement, announcing the unification of the two parties.
In the statement, issued late in the evening, the party expressed its commitment to multi-party competitive periodic elections, pluralist open society, supremacy of the Constitution, rule of law, independent judiciary, guarantee of human rights and fundamental rights. However, they have made a commitment to establish socialism-oriented people’s democracy.
In the new party, Oli and Prachanda enjoy the top two posts followed by Madhav Kumar Nepal.
Former Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal ranks fourth while Narayan Kaji Shrestha has been designated spokesperson of the new party. Bishnu Poudel is the general-secretary.
Earlier today, Prime Minister Oli said that the unification between the CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist (Centre) was not only the merger of two parties.
Addressing the 25th death anniversary of the then general-secretary of the UML late Madan Bhandari and leader Jiwaraj Ashrit, at Balkhu in Kathmandu, Prime Minister Oli said that the country had moved ahead with a new sketch.
He said late Bhandari was a politician who could impact the 20th century greatly.
“But his principle can impact the 21 century even more.”
“The foot trail of communist unification, sketched by Madan Bhandari some 25 years ago, will be turned into a six lane road from today,” he said.
He said that the party merger would achieve big accomplishments in the country’s political, social and economic sectors.
“Our party unification shall not be considered as a mere fusion of the two parties,” he said adding, “as the fusion of two atoms can form a powerful explosion, in the same way the merger of the parties will create a powerful party.”
After the party unification, the party will be the first party in the history of Nepal upholding the people’s majority mandate.
He added following the Left unification, the Nepali Congress would no longer be an opposition party but a supportive party.
“The Nepali Congress is no more in a condition to be called an opposition party. In fact, it is now a supportive party. We will take the Nepali Congress together for the country’s development.”
He added that the party unification would further add strength to achieve the goal of “Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali.”
“From today we have broken the misconception that communists only split,” he said.
“We will accomplish the intense duty offered by history in a decent manner. We will accomplish the dream seen by Madan Ashrit. ”
During the event, chairperson of the CPN-Maoist (Centre) Pushpa Kamal Dahal, UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal and various senior leaders offered garlands on the photos of Bhandari and Ashrit.

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