Nepalis have artistic hearts: Indian artist

By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, Apr.7: “Nepalese people are very good humans. They have artistic hearts,” said V.N. Manu, an artist and art curator.
On Friday, Manu was found at the Nepal Art Council at Babarmahal, busy preparing for the international art exhibition ‘Vertical Pace’ to be held there on Saturday. art
Manu is a renowned artist and notable international curator from Kochi, the south-west coastal city of Kerala in India.
He has been living in New Delhi for 15 years and is passionately involved in the art field. He has organised around 15 art exhibitions in India, Nepal and other countries.
“Nepal is a very beautiful country. I am lucky that I have close relations with a lot of artists in the country,” he said.
Manu last visited Kathmandu in May 2017 to organise an international art exhibition called ‘Lines of Realisation’. “I wish to visit this beautiful country at least once a year,” he added.
He also loves Nepali artists and their artworks, especially their styles and techniques.
“I also love thematic paintings of Nepali artists, such as on women empowerment and so on,” Manu said.
According to him, Nepal and India have similar art traditions and techniques.
“Both countries have a long history of different kinds of mural paintings. Besides, hundreds of artists in both countries are busy in the same kind of contemporary paintings,” said Manu, informing that he was working to organise another international group exhibition in the capital city of Dhaka in Bangladesh.

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