PCN urges police not to issue arrest warrant seeking source of any news

Kathmandu, Jan 8: The Press Council Nepal (PCN) Monday said they have reached an agreement of not seeking news sources directly from the police administration in the case related to the work appraisal performance report of former DIG Navaraj Silwal.

“Unless if it is criminal case, all press related issues should directly deal from the PCN if the security bodies require any information prior to the arrest of any journalist and the news sources,” Information Office and administrative officer Deepak Khanal at PCN said.

In a meeting held among the PCN officials, Federation of Nepalese Journalists and the security officers from the Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu, the PCN has suggested the Police Range, Kathmandu not to issue arrest warrant against any journalist.

Issuing a press statement after the meeting, the PCN has also said that the issue related to the publication of the news related to former DIG Navaraj Silwal about his work appraisal performance report would now be dealt from the PCN.

The PCN would undergo series of meeting regarding the issue about the publication of the private work appraisal performance report of Silwal with all concerned stakeholders in presence of editors of all those online news whose names had been reported to the police.

The PCN would come up specific decision on the regard very soon, the press statement mentioned.

SSP Dhanuk talking about the meeting issue today, he said that they have issued letters to Shusashan online media on Sunday to present to the office as per the decision of the High Court, Patan.

Few weeks ago, the Patan High Court has given its verdict that it would not be wrong to seek news sources related to DIG Silwal.

At the meeting, acting Chairman of the Council, Kishor Shrestha, SSP Rabindra Dhanuk of Kathmandu Police, DSP and the investigation officer of the case Bel Bahadur Pandey, FNJ chairman and member of PCN Govinda Acharya were present.

PCN has its claim that as per the Article 19 of the Constitution, police could not send a letter demanding to mention the source of the news.

The Kathmandu Police had registered forgery charge sheet against former DIG Silwal with case number 283/2074/75 on December 20.

Under the case, the Police had been trying to seek the news source and the copy of the work appraisal performance report of Silwal which had been published in the online news portal as those online had posted the report of Silwal as genuine and other as duplicate.

Silwal during his several clarifications in some media had been claiming that his work appraisal performance report was published by the media and received from the media to file a case at the Supreme Court.



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