DMP Gautam takes trafficking in human as a serious problem

Kathmandu, March 2: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Bamdev Gautam has said the trafficking in human was a serious problem in the nation and urged all to control this problem.


Responding to a query of lawmakers at a meeting of the Social Justice and Human Rights Committee of the Legislature-Parliament today, DPM Gautam said though the problem has lessened these days it is yet to be controlled.    


He added that the government was tightening the immigration process with appropriate measurers so that no one would be entangled in the net of human traffickers. 


DPM Gautam said the government has made the no objection letter compulsory to those preparing to go to the third countries through India. 


He informed that Nepal has made labour contracts with 110 different countries and has set up 27 embassies and eight missions and these bodies were working to resolve the problems in relation to the labour migration.


Gautam further said that the government was preparing to carry out an integrated visa system to keep the records of Nepalis and foreigners going to foreign countries.

The committee has ordered the government to submit the report on the number of Nepalis imprisoned in foreign jails within a month, said Committee Chairman Sushil Kumar Shrestha.

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