Nepali and Bangladeshi artists ‘Raising the Roots’ in paintings

By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, Aug 18: A collection of paintings by Nepali and Bangladeshi artists are on exhibition at Mithila Yain Art Gallery in Thamel.
The art exhibition, named “Raising the Roots”, started on August 15 and will continue till August 20, Nepali artist and art curator Shyam Sundar Yadav said.
The display, which contains more than 50 paintings of around 20 Nepali and 33 Bangladeshi artists, is being organised by Mithila Yain Art Gallery with support from the Embassy of Bangladesh in Nepal and Kathmandu-based Bijeshwori Secondary School.
All the participating Nepali artists are students of Bijeshwori School. Nepali artists Ramesh Khanal, Shyam Sundar Yadav and Bipin Raj Shrestha and Bangladeshi artist Nargish Parvien are taking part in the exhibition as guest participants. painting
Paintings of Rajesh Bishwokarma and Rohit BK from the Nepali side are the main attractions in the show while Choya Areefin, Swapan Mojumdar Kishor, Roosevelt Benjamin and Alik Kumar Raptan from Bangladesh are other artists featuring in the display.
Senior artist Khanal said that participation of artists from the two different cultural and political backgrounds would help exchange ideas and techniques about the arts of the two countries.
Similarly, Mrs Parvien, also a lecturer at Rajshahi Art College in her country, said that the exhibition was a great opportunity for artists of both the countries to show their talent and teach counterpart artists about their arts and cultures.

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