'Nobody has right to breach peace pact'

Kathmandu, Feb 26: UCPN (Maoist) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal says nobody has the right to issue constitution against the spirit of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA).

Addressing a programme commemorating the Day of Sacrifice organised at the party central office at Perisdanda today, he asked the Nepali Congress and the CPN (UML) to be clear about whether or not they wanted to abide by the CPA, a common document of the sides to the conflict.

He said since the present Interim Constitution was framed on the basis of the 12-point understanding and the CPA, the moot question is whether we are going to abide by it or not.

Asserting that the constitution writing process could not at all moved forward on the basis of the majoritarian system, the UCPN (Maoist) chairman said, "People of all classes and sections should feel the ownership over the constitution. The constitution made by a few parties alone cannot represent the entire nation. It is not required that the constitution drafted by keeping the main signatory of the CPA and the forces that brought the change should be accepted by all. The ruling parties should take this into consideration in time."

He said there was no compulsion for the opposition alliance to go for a protest movement if the ruling parties were ready to take ahead the constitution writing process on the basis of consensus by putting on hold the majority process.

The UCPN (Maoist) chairman and former Prime Minister also alleged the ruling parties of turning the Constituent Assembly into a parliament and of unilaterally and forcibly moving ahead the constitution writing process neglecting the past commitment. He said this attitude of the ruling parties has forced them to take to the street.

Stating that although informal talks were held with the leaders of the ruling parties in the last few days it has not taken concrete shape, he said there is no need to have confusion whether to adopt consensus or the majority process and all things could be settled only if the past commitments are remembered.

"The ball is in the Nepali Congress and the UML's court whether to push the country to another conflict or save it," Dahal said.

Chief Secretary of the UCPN (Maoist) central office Hitraj Pandey stressed the need of launching a struggle with public mobilization to establish the rights of the martyrs, the disappeared and the persons disabled in course of the People's War.

The party has been marking Fagun 14-21 as the Day of Sacrifice every year.

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