Farmers receive incentives for growth of paddy production

Trishuli (Nuwakot), March 27: The District Agriculture Development Office will be extending economic incentives to farmers with an aim to stoke an increment in the production of paddy planted around this season during the start of spring.

The farmers will receive cash donations as part of the Extensive Paddy Production Programme launched since this fiscal year onwards in Nuwakot, DADO Chief, Dr Kamal Gaire said.

"Paddy is the staple crop in Nepal, the government has brought out donation programme from this year onwards for increasing its production," Gaire said. "We believe that such little donation to the farmers would encourage them to plant crops," he added.

The farmers are required to tow the line of criteria set by the government to qualify for the donation programme.

District Agriculture Office has stated that the farmers must lend special focus on production of paddy as the programme has been introduced with an objective to end the necessity to import rice grains.

The extensive programme straddles 10 villages of the district namely Madanpur, Thansing, Thanapati, Khanigaun, Chaughada, Ganeshsthan, Kabilash, Raluka and Narjamandap, DADO Crop Development Officer, Purushottam Subedi shared.

The farmers will be provided Rs 5,000 per hectare of land. The programme is currently being launched in 100 hectares of land in 10 VDCs. RSS

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