I am still with UML, says actor KC

Bhuwan KC is one of the most popular actors of Nepal’s film industry. Bhuwan began his career in films as the lead actor of Juni in 1985. For about 15 years, he dominated the glamour world and has still not quit films, making him an ‘evergreen’ on the silver screen. He has also produced seven films, many of them with his ex-wife Sushamita KC. He is now grooming his son, Anamol, whose Dreams was a hit. KC, who has over 100 movies to his credit, talked with Bishnu Gautam of The Rising Nepal about his life, films and scandals. Excerpts bhuwan kc


How busy are you these days?
These days I am busy shooting Kri, which I am producing myself. My son Anamol is doing the lead role, and Surendra Poudel is directing it. I am planning to complete its shooting in a month.

This means you are busy promoting your son in the movie.
Definitely. He has shown interest in doing films, and he has done well, all his four films were hits. He is doing this film after an interval of a year and a half. I am hopeful Anamol will make a big contribution to the growth of our movies.   

When many filmmakers and actors are sending their wards overseas for higher studies, why have you encouraged your son to stay home and do films?
I have spent 32 years of my productive age in the film industry. I dream films, I feel happy doing films. I want to spend my whole life doing films. My son also has a deep interest in films. He wants to stay in Nepal. Also there is big scope in the film industry.  He is happy with what he has done over the years. This is why I am promoting him in the film industry.

You said you have spent 32 years in movies. How many films have you done in these years?
I have done over 100 films, and I have done the lead role in all of them. I was the producer of seven of these films. I also directed Dreams, which starred Anamol. Even foreigners liked my Dreams. I also did seven foreign films, mostly Pakistani and Bangladeshi ones.

While working with your son in films, did you sense a generation gap?  The new generation has a different taste, interest and values.
Yes, I sometimes do feel that. But there is no conflict between us. As I said above, I have obtained a lot of experience during my 32 years in movies. I keep teaching him. He loves to listen to my experiences. We are moving ahead by making adjustments to our feelings. He shows respect for my feelings, and I respect his.

You are often portrayed as a scandalmonger. At times there were different scandals that involved your divorce with Sushmita KC and your relations with other actresses and women.  
Sushmita and I have already separated. We are no more husband and wife. I do not want to make any comments on her.  But I will frank about my other scandals. I am a hero. I am also a romantic type of man. I have many fans of all age groups. Children, women and the elderly are my fans. They show affection for me. They meet me. They are with me. Their love towards me is often scandalised.  

A few months ago, there was a news report that you were going to publish your autobiography.  But it has not yet hit the stands.
It is being published soon. Readers will be able to read my book in 2-3 months.

Now let me shift to another topic. At a time when many of the filmmakers, artistes and technicians were joining the then CPN-Maoist en masse, you chose to join the UML, the rival party of the Maoists. You were even given a ticket to contest the parliamentary election from Kathmandu Constituency-1, but later you were denied the ticket. A few weeks ago there was a rumour that you were joining the Rastriya Prajantra Party. Which party are you actually in now?
Yes, almost all filmmakers, producers and actors joined the Maoist party. It was their personal decision. Maybe a few of them have faith in the ideology of the Maoists. I do not want to make any comments on it. They joined the Maoist party after it emerged as the largest party. But I decided to join the CPN-UML as the ideology of the party matched mine. I realised that something good could be done by joining the party. It also gave me a ticket, and later it included me in the list of candidates to be elected under the proportional representative (PR) electoral system. But I failed to make it to the parliament for different reasons. I am, however, still with the CPN (UML). I do not lust for any political post, but I have a firm belief that I can do something for the country if I get a political post. I am hopeful that my political party will rightly evaluate my worth.  

How do you see the current political situation? What do you think is the best way to end the existing political anarchy and uncertainty?
The political situation is not satisfactory. There is a sort of confusion. This political confusion has hindered the development of the country. The youth are not getting jobs at home and are flying abroad as migrant workers. They are seeking a secure future. The current political situation has worried all the people. But I think the elections will be the remedy to this uncertainty. Therefore, the elections should be held at any cost for the development of the nation and for ending the existing political uncertainty.

Are you also preparing to contest the polls?
I am ready to contest the elections if my party decides to make me a candidate in any election. I will abide by the decision of my party.

Is there anything special you want to tell our readers?  
Although I have taken the membership of the CPN-UML, I have equal respect for the other political parties of this nation. No matter which party reaches power, their main duty should be to serve the nation and work for the wellbeing of the people. The people should also show respect for the political parties and their leaders.
Likewise, we should love our own art and culture. We should promote our own art, culture and cinema. Anamol is doing films with the intention of promoting our own culture and enriching our own movies.  He has introduced a new trend by joining the film industry instead of flying overseas for better education and jobs.  We need to respect the works of our youths.  We have learnt a lesson from the blockade we faced last year that we should not depend on other countries for anything, be it every day goods or even cinema. The trend of showing respect to only foreign films and actors will not do good to our own cinema and cultures. If we keep on promoting foreign films and artistes, we will one day become servants of foreign powers. I want all Nepalese to work together for the rapid development of the country and for the preservation and promotion of our art and culture so that we can be self-reliant in all sectors soon.

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