'All political parties should be serious towards nation'

Kathmandu, Feb 10: Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has said that all political parties should be serious towards the nation and people.


Prime Minister Koirala said so while receiving a memorandum submitted from the side of the party by the representatives of the Nepal Workers and Peasants Party (NWPP) including lawmaker Prem Suwal to forge consensus on the contents of the new constitution.


Stating that he has been taking initiatives till the last hour for the promulgation of new constitution through consensus, Prime Minister Koirala recalled that an understanding forged among political leaders was foiled in the eleventh hour due to unnecessary stance of some leaders.


He said that he went to meet UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal at his home 'gate crashing' for the promulgation of the new constitution through mutual understanding and consensus, adding he also called the opposition parties for talks as per their wish.


On the occasion, lawmaker Suwal said that it was necessary to promulgate the new constitution through the Constituent Assembly (CA) to protect the historical achievements like federalism, republicanism and inclusion gained through different struggles and movements.


The NWPP demanded to incorporate the provisions of economic equality, self rule and decentralization, supremacy of the parliament, local autonomy, among others, in the preamble of the new constitution.


Likewise, the party has demanded incorporating provisions making the sovereignty vested in the people, the republic oriented towards socialism, the rule of law, independent judiciary, fundamental rights, human rights based on economic equality, adult franchise, periodic elections, socialization of the main means of production and services, determination of the property ceiling, not permitting the keeping of property in foreign countries, the supremacy of the parliament and non-requirement of threshold for becoming a national party as inalienable.


The NWPP has presented its concept on various issues as fundamental rights, the Legislature, the election system, constitutional bodies, the judicial system, the forms of governance, state restructuring, local bodies, citizenship, natural resources, women's welfare, duties of citizens and miscellaneous headings.


The party has presented its concept for a bicameral legislature and the Upper House of the parliament would have the representatives of different ethnic communities and castes and linguistic groups. The Lower House of parliament would have 240 seats while the Provincial Assembly would be unicameral. The Provincial Assembly would elect the Chief Minister.


Likewise, the NWPP has proposed the mixed member proportional representation system of election for the election of the House of Representatives, the National Assembly and the Provincial Assembly. It has proposed having the provision of recall in all the three legislatures. The party has also called for formation of the labour, peasant and working women's commission as the constitutional bodies. 


Regarding the judicial system, NWPP has proposed appointing the judges, including the Chief Judges, to the Supreme Court, Provincial Courts and the District Courts by holding election in the respective provinces. Similarly, it has brought new proposal of making the Judiciary responsible to the Parliament.


It has proposed directly-elected President. The party has likewise proposed formation of 14 provinces as Mechi, Kosi, Sagarmatha, Janakpur, Bagmati, Narayani, Gandaki, Annapurna, Lumbini, Rapti, Bheri, Karnali, Seti and Mahakali bordering India and China.

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