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By Nanda Lal Sharma, Journalism and writing are very crucial but challenging aspects of creativity. These are two also the areas of national importance. A journalist keeps writing tirelessly about the important activities taking place in the course of time. There is distinct rules for such writing. Noone can understand journalism nor can he have serious writing without proper understanding of those rules. Therefore, one cannot become a good journalist just out of his aspirations. He is supposed to necessarily have a number of qualities and skills like qualifications, writing style, ability to interact with a mass, fearless nature, ability to closely study contemporary matters, knack to maintain public relations, and so on. A person may somehow become a journalist without these qualities and skills but cannot be successful in this highly demanding field. Yam Prasad Chaulagain is a young dynamic journalist who possess all the above mentioned attributes. He has been active in the field of film journalism and writing for more than two decade.

No one might have ever guessed that one day Chaulagain might be a famous and successful film journalist. He has always been highly fond of films, music and songs since his early childhood. After passing the S.L.C. exams with first division marks, Chaulagain started working as a journalist for the then daily called "NayaSadak Daily". He didn’t get success overnight; he faced a number of ups and downs to establish himself in the field of Nepali film journalism.

"Hard work, perseverance and willingness to learn more are keys to my success," he says.

He believes life itself is a struggle from which no one should try to escape. He further adds that person certainly gets success who keeps working hard without being much harassed by any trouble in life.


Journalist/writer Yam Prasad Chaulagain receiving national "Film Artist Association Journalism Award" from former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba.

Chaulagain wrote a number of research articles in the initial days of his career. He authored “ChalchitrakaSarathi” which is regarded as the first research based book in the field of Nepali film journalism. "This is the book that helped me to get national recognition and establish myself as a capable journalist," he reminisces.

He got love and blessings of thousands of well-wishers and fans. National radio, TV, daily newspapers and weekly magazines also started to acknowledge his personality and works with value and importance.

A famous director and writer, Prakash Sayami, says, “Chaulagain’s “ChalchitrakaSaarathi” is the first book based on research in the Nepali film industry. He started the trend of research based writing with this book. It’s a completely groundbreaking work and a huge contribution to Nepali film journalism and writing.” Chaulagain has beautifully presented in this book the history of Nepali film industry and his interaction with the then major cine artists. He got national recognition of an academic film journalist when “ChalchitrakaSaarathi” was prescribed in the course of the Master’s degree in film studies at Tribhuvan University. Nepal ChalchitraKalakarSangh, an umbrella organization of Nepali cine artists, recognized his contribution, and awarded him with National“Nepal Film Artists Association Journalism Award”. 

Yam Chaulagain is not only ambitious but also diligent, sincere, and honest journalist active in the film of Nepali film industry for long. He believes nothing is impossible in this world. His second book entitled “UdghoshankalaraPatrakarita” (Anchoring Art and Journalism)won him another prestigious National award given especially to film journalists and writer – Best Seller Writer Award. Journalist Chaulagain is also a famous radio jockey. He earned name and fame as an RJ by conducting programs on Radio Nepal, Radio City 98.8 and ABC FM. Nepali BangmayaParishad(Nepali Literature Council) and Nepal Film Journalist Association have given him distinguished and distinct membership in recognition of his writing skills, research and excellent film journalism.

                                                                                                          Journalist/writer Yam Prasad Chaulagain receiving national 'Best Seller Writer Award' from Minister for Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Ram Kumar Shrestha.

Yam Prasad Chaulagain has been selected on a number of occasions as a member of the jury for national awards conferred by Nepali Bangamay Parishad(Nepali Literature Council), Parivartan Nepal and Nepal Chalchitra Kalakar Sangh (Nepal Film Artists Association) and Nepal Film Development Board. He is currently conducting a research on the Nepali movies which are based Nepali literary works. Some of such films got success at the box office whereas many failed. He is trying to explore this aspect, taking responses from Nepali audience.


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