Constitution implementation process has started: PM

Pyuthan, Oct 1: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda said on Saturday that the constitution implementation process had started in the country. 

The PM addressed the Bahane locals affected by landslides and flooding here after an inspection of the areas affected by the natural disasters.

On the occasion, PM Prachanda stated that the establishment of high courts in the seven provinces has started the process of the constitution's implementation.

"The government has started taking steps to implement the constitution," PM Prachanda said, adding "Along with the constitution's implementation we have been successful in addressing Madhes uprising and the national internal unity."

On a different note, PM Prachanda said the people's situation had remained unchanged despite huge transformation in the country.

At the programme, CPN (Maoist Centre) leader Barshaman Pun insisted on the need for agreement and cooperation between the political parties for implementing the constitution.

Govt to provide Rs 15,000 expenses for festivals

The government has announced Rs 15,000 in festival expenses for those affected by landslide and flooding in Pyuthan. PM Dahal made the announcement of providing Rs 15,000 per family.

A total of 53 persons had perished in the landslide and flooding which struck on July 26 and 27 in Pyuthan with millions worth of damages in infrastructure.
Pyuthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry submits demand note

The Pyuthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry today presented a 10-point demand note to PM Prachanda.

They have put forth a host of demands including management of rehabilitation, relocation of people living in disaster-prone areas and development of Naumure

Hydro Power Project under national investment. The affected villages have also presented the PM with demand notes.

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