Swollen Narayani wreaks havoc

Ratnanagar (Chitwan), July 27: As many as 28 houses were inundated in Mangalpur in western Chitwan after a high intensity flooding in the Narayani river today. 

Two houses were destroyed while hundreds of locals shifted to safer zones, according to the District Natural Disaster Management Committee, Chitwan.

The Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police along with the Committee officials rescued the flood-stricken locals last night.

The water level in the Narayani river broke the danger level mark reaching 10.3 meters, said Balram Luintel, Committee's Information Officer. The danger level indicator in the Narayani river has been fixed at 8.4 meter, but the flooding has risen above the danger level inundating the surrounding localities.

Chitwan's Police Chief, Basanta Kunwar, said 28 families were relocated to safer zone after Sharanpur and Jhanjhane localities were waterlogged. At least 60 children were shifted to safer areas after Madarasa was also flooded, he added.

The floodwater has also entered Ganjipur, Bhuvan settlement, Syalbas of Meghauli, Laukhuri, Golghat, among other localities and the river has started eroding the embankment, Luintel said.

As many people have gathered on the Narayani bridge to look at the swollen river, the local administration mobilized the police to clear them and stop onlookers from staying on the bridge. However, this morning the water level in the river fell to the eight meter mark.

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