Journalist duo feted

Biratnagar, July 12: The Media Persons' Cooperative Ltd feted two journalists to mark the occasion of its fifth anniversary here on Monday.

Nepal Television's journalist, Mohan Manandhar, was conferred the Chandralal – Durgadevi Dahal Working Journalist Award carrying a purse of Rs 21,001.

Likewise, the Hard Working Woman Journalism Award established by the National News Agency (RSS) Biratnagar's former employee, Mina Shrestha, and carrying a cash prize of Rs 10,001 was conferred on journalist, Indira Bhattarai, of the Ink Monthly.

On the occasion, Appellate Court Biratnagar's Acting Chief Judge, Kumar Prasad Pokharel, conferred the awards and letters of appreciation to the journalists.

He took the occasion to note the important role played by the media in informing the people on the court's activities and decisions. RSS

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