PM assures of holding local poll by mid-December

Kathmandu, May 7: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said the election of local bodies which has been halted for a long time will take place by mid-December this year.

After inspecting the Nepal Police Headquarters Saturday, the Prime Minister said the local poll will take place by mid-December, urging the police administration to become mentally prepared for this.

Likewise, the country will witness the holding of general election within the third week of January, 2018, he added.

Giving his views about the fresh nine-point agreement between the two major ruling partners--CPN (UML) and UCPN (Maoist), the UML Chair and Prime Minister said the agreement would be support for the government to function effectively. The nine-point understanding is an agreement paper for the government to function smoothly, he said.

On the occasion, he instructed the Nepal Police to restructure the organisation in line with a federal set up adopted by the country.

He applauded the coordinating role of Nepal Police in the society and the government in connecting ties between the society and government.

Stating that incidents of crime may go up when the country is in transition, the Prime Minister directed the Nepal Police to remain alert to such possibility.

"The police using extra force in the movements took place in the country in the past was wrong. But, contrary to the past, there was no practice of additional force in the recent agitations in the country. Instead the police demonstrated patience in such situation. The responsibility of taking out the country from abnormal situation falls upon the shoulders of police," he said.

Stating that efforts were on to sow the seeds of communal agitation and foment conflict in Nepal since the past some years, PM Oli said however the Nepali people have rejected that. "Efforts were made to attack and defame Nepal's security bodies through seeds of conflict. But such nefarious efforts have been gradually blunted out now and social integration flourishing," he added.

In another context, the Prime Minister stated that the government was positive on increasing the number of women in the Nepal Police. The number of women in Nepal Police is seven percent at present and the government aims to raise it to 10 percent, he said.

Reminding that the Nepal Police should be free from corruption, PM Oli directed the police officials not to be disgraced in front of their subordinates. The Prime Minister was of the view that rather than increasing the numerical strength of the police, the existing number should be laced with technology and capacity and fully utilised.

PM Oli on the occasion also inspected the polygraph section, the digital forensic lab and the command centre at the Police Headquarters. Home Minister Shakti Bahadur Basnet was also with the Prime Minister.

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