Water shortage hits Dhanusha villages

Mahendranagar (Dhanusha), May 2: With a steady rise in temperature and a prolonged drought, the shortage of drinking water has adversely affected the lives in many villages of Dhanusha adjacent to the East-West Highway. Local water sources have dried up as there is no rainfall in the Chure region for long. 

Lives of a dozen of villages including Naktajhij, Dhalkebar, Pushpawalpur, Begadawar, Dharapani, Radhapur, Godar, Lawatoli and Digampur have been affected with the deepening water shortage.

 Water sources have started drying up, the incidents of wildfire are frequent, and people are seen lining up to a few of public water taps and wells supplying water to fetch the water, Hiran Lama of Pushpawalpur-3 describes the common scene of the water crisis-hit villages.   Most of the water resources in the villages have dried, making the  lives worse, he said. RSS

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