Rapid rescue squad for bisket jatra

Bhaktapur, April 5: A rapid rescue squad of police is being mobilized for the first time for this year's Bisket jatra or festival.

The festival observed in Bhaktapur for eight nights and nine days begins from Taumadhi on April 9. The rapid rescue team has been set up considering the risk of accidents due to the tremble caused by the rushing wheels of the chariot on the roadside houses damaged in the earthquake, said Police Superintendent at Metropolitan Police Circle Bhaktapur Kiran Bajracharya. A team from Nepal Police headquarters will remain standby at the police circle premises in Bhaktapur with all necessary tools and equipment for rescue and relief.

Considering the risk to many houses help by supporting beams in Bhaktapur the route for the chariots to be taken out during the festival has also been shortened, SP Bajracharya said. All liquor shops in the areas hosting the festival will be shut considering the possibility of booze-related hooliganism.

CC TV cameras have also been installed at major thoroughfares while plain clothed police personnel will be mobilized to monitor the crowd, police said. Many volunteers are being mobilized with the help of Nepal Red Cross Society and local social clubs to help organize the festival in a peaceful manner.

Meanwhile, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and the Drinking Water Supply Office have decided to continue providing their service uninterrupted during the course of the festival.

Medical teams will also be put on standby including at the Bhaktapur festival for immediate treatment of anyone injured. RSS

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