All-party consensus essential: UML secretary Bhattarai

Kathmandu, March 31: CPN (UML) Secretary and chief at the Publicity Department of the party, Yogesh Bhattarai, has said that all the parties should come at one place before the general election.

While addressing the Press Chautari Nepal, RSS chapter's second assembly and prize distribution programme here today, leader Bhattarai said that all-party consensus was essential to the enforcement of the constitution as it was seen during the promulgation of the new constitution.

He urged the Nepali Congress to join the government if it was willing for the same. Leader Bhattarai clarified that NC remaining in opposition would affect nothing as it was in government for a long time.

Indicating the NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba, leader Bhattarai urged him to talk about the government with Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli directly rather talking with fringe parties in this connection.

He further opined for allocating the responsibility of appointing the chiefs at governmental corporations to the Public Service Commission adding that it would only end the political encroachment over the corporations ending the instability.

Secretary Bhattarai added that the serious discussions were needed in the reformations of media houses owned by the government. He further claimed that his party was liberal for the autonomy and reformation of such institutions.

Referring to the trend of the change to the appointments by the previous government after the elections to president in the democratic United States of America, he said, "The issue of what types of practice should be adopted in Nepal will depend on political consensus."

Being vocal against those advocating professional journalism, but adopting the practice of only fulfilling political interest in the name of journalism, he said that UML is committed to press freedom and the rights of freedom to expression and working in favour of working journalists.

He also suggested building capacity of the RSS to develop itself to the extent that it could assign its correspondents in foreign countries.

PCN central Chairman Rajendra Aryal viewed that RSS should be developed as a number one news agency at SAARC level and transformed into an information bank.

He also stressed the need to start implementing the working journalists act at government media.

Likewise, RSS Chairman Kul Chandra Wagle said that RSS should be taken ahead in terms of development, while sticking to professional journalism.
Similarly, praising the works of PCN's RSS chapter, PCN in-charge and central member Shurojung Pandey informed that efforts were underway to hold PCN's general convention in mid-May.
Similarly, former chapter chair Prakash Silwal who was also the member of prize selection committee briefed the criteria of selection process.

Meanwhile on the occasion, PCN RSS branch honoured RSS deputy General Manager Surendra Bahadur Nepali.

Likewise, Gopal Prasad Baral, RSS's Mahottari correspondent, was also honoured with Rs 5,000 in cash for his contribution to the development of Mahottari through journalism.

The event was also attended by RSS General Manager Nirmala Acharya, PCN central advisor Ganesh Basnet, senior vice chairman Durga Prasad Sharma and General Secretary Madhav Nepal among others. RSS

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